Global Recruitment Opportunities

If you are looking for IT jobs in Europe Middle East, UK, Latin America, North America or the Nordic regions, we are the IT recruitment agency of choice. From permanent IT jobs in London to consultant IT jobs in Germany we provide unrivalled options.

We work with the best employers across the globe bringing candidates exceptional opportunities to build their IT career. We specialise in permanent IT jobs and consultant IT jobs, knowing and understanding the unique intricacies of the IT industry and helping you navigate it.

At DWI Consulting, we don’t simply match clients to job descriptions. We work with you to understand your aspirations, skill set and development goals. It is this approach which ensures a successful recruitment experience for you, enabling you to confidently take the next step in your career. 

Why use us

We work differently from your average IT recruitment agency. We don’t simply list IT jobs in London and leave you to do the hard work. Instead, we actively work in partnership with employers and candidates to deliver recruitment success where both parties benefit for a successful match.  

We do this by using a tailored consultancy approach. As a candidate you can expect: 

  1. Accurate knowledge: Our job descriptions and advertisements are based on solid discussion with the relevant employer. The information provided is accurate to what they truly need.
  2. Exceptional candidate experience: We want you to navigate the IT recruitment sphere with confidence. You’ll receive tailored advice from IT recruitment experts who are committed to honouring the time and input that candidates give.
  3. Transparent processes: We keep you informed throughout each job application process. We provide honest and informative feedback, information on employers, and expectations so that you feel in control of your career development.
  4. Support: We support you through the application, interviewing and hire processes so that you can add value from day one in your new role.

Contact us and get ready for the next step of your IT career.